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How to deploy office 2016 using SCCM 2012 SP1

Run the command prompt as administrator, change the path where office 2016 setup files are located. Run the command setup.exe /admin.
Choose Create a new setup customization file for following product
Click on Licensing and user interface, enter the office 2016 key. Click on I accept the terms in the license agreement. Select the Display level as Basic, check the box for Suppress modal and No cancel.
click on Modify Setup properties. Click Add, provide the Name as SETUP_REBOOT and Value as Never. Click OK
Select Modify user settings > Microsoft Office 2016 > Privacy > Trust Center. Double click the setting Disable Opt-in Wizard on first run and set the status as Enabled

Now click on File -> Save As -> save the customization file inside Updates folder. Close the OCT tool Office2016\updates

Now open SCCM console. click on Application Management, right click Applications and click Create Application. Choose Automatically detect information and provide the path to file pro…

FileZilla Silent Installation Using SCCM - MSI

FileZilla Silent Installation Using SCCM - MSI

Download File Zilla client from
download the .exe and using SCCM  .msi package!!
here we go..
Create Application

 Select any .msi application you have.. we will change it after... click Next 


Change the content to the folder have the FileZilla_3.14.1_win64-setup.exe

Change the Instalation Programto : FileZilla_3.14.1_win64-setup.exe /S Change the Uninstall Program to : "%PROGRAMFILES%\FileZilla FTP Client\uninstall.exe" /S  Detection Method:
Delete the existing one and select add clause

i used the registry key - File Zilla Version- this key for 64 bit OS 

Requirement: we use file Zilla 64 bit so we need to install it just on 64 bit OS 

Now the App ready to upload the DP .. and deploy 
Happy Deploy 
~Mohanad Zaki